Matt Johnson, External Relations Manager, Eagle Mine

Date - April 21, 2025, 5:30 pm
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Matt Johnson builds innovative best practices for modern mining that provide value to companies and communities.

He is the External Affairs Manager for Eagle Mine, owned by Toronto-based Lundin Mining. Matt is proud to be part of the team that developed Eagle, an award-winning greenfield nickel mine in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Eagle Mine started production in 2014, employs 470 people, and is used internationally, as an example of modern mining for environmental protection, community capacity building, transparency, and employee engagement.

Matt also serves on the board of Revex Technologies, a proprietary technology company focused on critical mineral processing. Revex was founded in conjunction with Eagle Mine and Michigan Tech University, where he has been a Trustee since 2021.

He previously worked for the U.S. Congress and served Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm where he focused on natural resource issues in mining and timber management. He holds a bachelor’s and Master of Science focused on Biology and Public Administration from Northern Michigan University, completed the Operational Leadership Academy led by Duke University, and the Stakeholder Engagement Academy led by Georgetown University. Matt recently achieved the ESG Competent Boards Certificate and Global Competent Boards Designation (GCB.D).